The Ultimate Playground

SurrealVR is a social VR platform where players with lifelike avatars enjoy social interaction with their friends. Third party developers can extend the platform using the SurrealVR SDK, which makes it easy to add a social layer and distribute any VR content, with a robust cross-platform avatar toolkit, room scale VR, networked physics, voice chat and more. The SDK can also be used to develop standalone multiplayer titles for VR, taking full advantage of the SurrealVR platform.



State of the art character creation features customizable body and face, a robust clothing catalog and full VR and mobile creation support.



Exotic excursions in both space and time will entertain you and your friends whether you want to ride with Genghis Khan or dance to Chaka Khan.



Enjoy these companions in an immersive virtual environment. These delightful creatures will make you forget that they are only virtual.



We know you're closer to Rothko than Rafael, but creating together has never been more fun. But be careful, your creations might get a life of their own!



The virtual becomes real with networked interactive objects that you can throw, catch and arrange at will for competitive and cooperative game play.



SurrealVR supports all major HMDs with mobile on the way. Developers use our SDK to expand our world or to create immersive avatar based content.

SurrealVR Is Accelerated and Backed By:


10 Most Amazing Virtual Reality Startups!

Virtual interactive space that just might be where we're all hanging out in the future.

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HTC's $100 Million 'Vive X' VR Accelerator Announces First 33 Investments

And expands its VR Venture Capital Alliance to $12 billion. SurrealVR among the inaugural class.

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The 25 Virtual Worlds to Visit in 2016

#1 SurrealVR - Before we get to sci-fi author Neal Stephenson's full-blown metaverse, we'll see attempts and approximations. Surreal VR isn't perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

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SurrealVR on Gear VR

There is no doubt that Surreal will dominate in the mobile social VR based on what we’ve seen so far .When Surreal hits the store, you would deny yourself endless pleasure not to go grab a copy.

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VRodeo - SurrealVR, The Climb, and More

Zap, zap, zap :)

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How Virtual Reality Will Take Over Your Virtual Life

SurrealVR is seeking accessibility by making their client work not only on VR headsets, but also on desktop computers and mobile devices for non-VR users. A strong support for mobile means accessibility.

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15 Virtual Reality Startups Changing the Game

While companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are staking their claim on the virtual reality market, there is more than enough room for startups to make an impact. If you are wondering what names you might see in the future, be sure to check out this list of 15 virtual reality startups.

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Several companies are building virtual worlds that live inside of VR

SurrealVR, a New York-based startup of four people, it is focused on avatar-powered social games, which it expects to publicize 2009-Facebook-style based on partnerships with third-party game developers that use its technology.

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The Fight for the Metaverse

Surreal is the underdog in this battle, but they are hungry and attacking from a different angle.

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